How To Get American Flag In Infinity Craft

How To Get American Flag In Infinity Craft

A Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining the American Flag in Infinity Craft

Infinity Craft, an immersive sandbox game, offers a vast array of resources and crafting options, enabling players to construct elaborate structures and create unique items. Among the game’s most coveted items is the American flag, a symbol of patriotism and national pride. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the necessary information and step-by-step instructions on how to obtain the American flag in Infinity Craft.

Materials and Requirements:

  • Access to the Nether: The Nether is a fiery dimension that contains unique resources essential for crafting the American flag.
  • Flint and Steel or Fire Charge: These items are required to ignite the fire below the Nether Portal.
  • Iron Pickaxe: An iron pickaxe is used to mine soul sand, a key ingredient in the crafting process.
  • Golden Shovel: A golden shovel is used to collect Nether Wart, another crucial ingredient.
  • Red Wool: Red wool, representing the stripes of the American flag, can be obtained by crafting or by acquiring from sheep.
  • White Wool: White wool, representing the stars and field of the American flag, can be obtained through similar methods as red wool.
  • Blue Wool: Blue wool, representing the canton of the American flag, can be acquired through identical methods as the other colors.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Acquiring Red, White, and Blue Wool:

  • Locate sheep in the Overworld, identify their color, and shear them using shears to obtain wool.
  • Alternatively, craft wool from string obtained by killing spiders. (6 strings = 1 wool)

2. Entering the Nether:

  • Construct a Nether Portal by arranging obsidian blocks in a 4×5 rectangular frame.
  • Use a flint and steel or a fire charge to ignite the portal.
  • Step into the portal to transport yourself to the Nether.

3. Gathering Soul Sand and Nether Wart:

  • Mine soul sand found in the Nether using an iron pickaxe.
  • Collect Nether Wart found in the Nether Fortresses using a golden shovel.

4. Crafting the Soul Sand Block:

  • Combine 9 soul sand units in a crafting grid or crafting table to create a soul sand block.

5. Constructing the Crafting Table:

  • Place 4 wooden planks in a square formation in a crafting grid to create a crafting table.
  • Place the crafting table on the ground in the Nether.

6. Crafting the American Flag:

  • Arrange the red, white, and blue wool in the following order on the crafting table:
    • Top row: 7 white wool, 6 red wool
    • Middle row: 1 blue wool, 13 white wool, 1 blue wool
    • Bottom row: 7 white wool, 6 red wool
  • Replace the white wool in the center of the flag with a soul sand block to create the stars.
  • Click on the crafted American flag to pick it up.

7. Displaying the American Flag:

  • Return to the Overworld through the Nether Portal.
  • Place the American flag on a flagpole or display it as desired.


1. Can I craft the American flag in the Overworld?
No, you cannot craft the American flag in the Overworld. The Nether Wart required to create the soul sand block is solely obtainable in the Nether.

2. Is it possible to change the dimensions of the American flag?
Yes, you can modify the size of the American flag by altering the number of wool units used in the crafting process. However, maintaining the correct proportions is essential for an accurate representation.

3. Where can I find sheep to obtain wool?
Sheep spawn naturally in grassy biomes throughout the Overworld. They can be found in large herds or as individuals.

4. What other items can I craft in the Nether?
The Nether offers a variety of craftable items, including potions, weapons, and tools. It is a valuable dimension for acquiring rare resources and crafting unique items.

5. Is the American flag functional in Infinity Craft?
The American flag in Infinity Craft is purely a decorative item. It does not grant any special abilities or benefits to the player.


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