Good American Flagship Store

Good American Flagship Store

Good American Flagship Store

Good American Flagship Store: A Haven of Empowerment and Inclusivity

Nestled in the heart of bustling Los Angeles, the Good American flagship store is a beacon of empowerment, inclusivity, and body positivity. Founded by Khloé Kardashian and Emma Grede in 2016, the brand has garnered widespread acclaim for its unwavering commitment to celebrating all body types and fostering a community where every woman feels valued and confident.

The Concept: Embrace Your True Self

At the core of Good American’s ethos lies the belief that all women deserve to feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. The flagship store serves as a physical embodiment of this principle, offering a curated selection of clothing that seamlessly blends style, inclusivity, and self-expression.

An Extensive Collection for Every Silhouette

The store’s vast collection caters to a wide range of body shapes and sizes, empowering women to find garments that fit their unique curves. From figure-hugging bodysuits to loose and flowy dresses, every piece is designed to accentuate the wearer’s best features while ensuring comfort and support.

Materials and Craftsmanship: Uncompromising Quality

Good American prioritizes the use of premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship in all its garments. From the softest fabrics to the most durable zippers, every detail is carefully considered to ensure that each piece exudes quality and durability.

A Stellar Design Aesthetic

The flagship store’s design aesthetic is both sophisticated and empowering. Neutral tones and clean lines create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, while bold pops of color and statement pieces add a touch of playfulness and energy.

Beyond Fashion: A Community of Empowerment

The Good American flagship store transcends the realm of retail by fostering a vibrant community. Regular events and workshops aim to empower women through body-positive messaging, wellness initiatives, and inspiring guest speakers.

A Team of Inclusive Employees

The store’s staff epitomizes the brand’s commitment to inclusivity. Hailing from diverse backgrounds, they are passionate about creating a welcoming environment where every customer feels seen and valued.


  • What is Good American’s size range? Good American offers sizes from 00 to 26.
  • What is the price range of Good American’s clothing? Prices range from $50 to $300.
  • Are there any special services offered at the flagship store? In addition to personal styling, the store offers a "Try it On Guarantee," allowing customers to take home garments for up to three days before making a purchase.
  • Can I order Good American products online? Yes, the brand’s entire collection is available online at
  • What are the store’s hours of operation? The flagship store is open from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday through Saturday and from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM on Sundays.


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