American Flag Calculator

American Flag Calculator

American Flag Calculator

The American Flag Calculator: A Comprehensive Guide to Calculating Flag Dimensions and Proportions

The American flag, an enduring symbol of unity and patriotism, must adhere to specific dimensions and proportions as defined by law. Measuring and calculating these specifications can be a daunting task, but the American Flag Calculator simplifies the process, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Understanding the American Flag Code

The American Flag Code, codified in Title 36 of the United States Code, provides detailed regulations for the display, manufacture, and handling of the American flag. Among these regulations are the precise measurements and proportions required for flags of various sizes.

Dimensions and Proportions of the American Flag

The following table summarizes the dimensions and proportions of the American flag:

Flag Size Length from Hoist to Fly Width of Fly Number of Stars Number of Stripes
3′ x 5′ 3 feet 5 feet 50 13
4′ x 6′ 4 feet 6 feet 50 13
5′ x 8′ 5 feet 8 feet 50 13
10′ x 15′ 10 feet 15 feet 50 13
15′ x 25′ 15 feet 25 feet 50 13

Calculating Flag Dimensions Using the American Flag Calculator

The American Flag Calculator is a user-friendly tool that automates the calculation process. To use the calculator:

  1. Select Flag Size: Choose the desired flag size from the drop-down menu.
  2. Adjust Proportions (Optional): If necessary, you can adjust the proportions of the flag by changing the length-to-width ratio.
  3. Generate Calculations: Click the "Calculate" button to generate the precise measurements for the hoist, fly, stars, and stripes.

Understanding the Calculator Results

The calculator will display the following results:

  • Hoist: Length from the top of the flag to the bottom along the staff side.
  • Fly: Length from the staff side to the opposite side along the bottom.
  • Star Field: Dimensions of the rectangle containing the 50 stars.
  • Stripe Width: Width of each individual stripe.
  • Stripe Spacing: Distance between the stripes.

Additional Features of the American Flag Calculator

In addition to calculating flag dimensions, the American Flag Calculator also offers the following features:

  • Printable Report: Generate a printable PDF report of the calculations for easy reference.
  • Save Calculations: Store and retrieve previous calculations for future use.
  • Customization Options: Customize the calculation results based on your specific requirements, such as seam allowances or fabric shrinkage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why is it important to use the correct flag dimensions?
A: The American Flag Code requires the use of precise dimensions to maintain the integrity and symbolism of the flag.

Q: What are the consequences of using the wrong flag dimensions?
A: Using the wrong dimensions can be considered a violation of the American Flag Code and may result in penalties.

Q: Can I adjust the proportions of the flag?
A: Yes, the American Flag Calculator allows you to adjust the proportions to fit specific display requirements while maintaining the overall integrity of the flag.

Q: How do I calculate the size of the stars on the flag?
A: The star field is a rectangle with a height and width equal to 7/13 of the hoist and 1/4 of the fly, respectively. The diameter of each star is 6/13 of the width of the star field.

Q: How do I calculate the spacing between the stripes?
A: The stripes are equally spaced, with the outer stripes being half the width of the other stripes. The distance between the stripes is equal to the width of a single stripe.


The American Flag Calculator is an essential tool for ensuring the accuracy and compliance of American flag dimensions. By utilizing this tool, you can create and display the American flag with confidence and respect, honoring the legacy and symbolism of this national icon.


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